Professional Development Focused on the Arts

There are too few Professional Development opportunities for arts educators - it is a well-known fact that we end up being lumped in with teachers from other subject matter areas so we can maintain licensure. Arts PD Online seeks to fill the gap, ensuring that teachers in the arts are receiving high-quality professional learning, tailored to their field. Click on one of the options below to find out more! 

PD Series

Join us as we discuss a range of arts-related topics, requested by you, with educators and advocates everywhere! Click below to see upcoming sessions and presenters.

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Coming Soon

We're looking forward to creating more content to be available on-demand for your professional learning needs. Fill out our brief survey here to tell us what you would like to see!


Virtual Conference

Our virtual conference will bring together the best and brightest from across the United States to delve into teaching the arts amidst a pandemic.


Partner Events

We're partnering with institutions across northeast Ohio to present more learning opportunities than ever before!