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Oberlin Center for the Arts

Connecting Arts and the Community

Our Vision

We believe that the arts have a positive impact on everyone and everything it touches. That's why we strive to build community through arts & culture.

Oberlin Center for the Arts envisions its ongoing work to include programming for student learners, educators who support these students and efforts that broadly impact the public of all ages and interests.

Arts Education crafted by Arts Educators

There are too few professional development opportunities for arts educators. Offerings are typically cost prohibitive, require distant travel to access, and often do not provide educators with the professional credit they need to uphold their professional certification. Oberlin Center for the Arts is developing programming that:

  • Builds partnerships amongst educators from various disciplines and across various districts,

  • Helps to create learning environments that are experimental and inspirational,

  • Equips students with the tools needed to creatively manage challenging situations,

  • Expands opportunities for students faced with learning exceptionalities, and

  • Builds an educator's capacity to advocate for the arts from their classroom and beyond.